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Completed Work

April 2016

1. Springs were removed and re-arched. However, installation was done incorrectly. one side had two different sized shackles and the original throughbolts were reused but without any cotter pins. Result was walking leaves.

2. I found a local trailer repairman to correct the issue.

August 2017

Screen door slider repaired. It had been missing, so I made one. the screen door needs further restorative work, but it's good enough for now.

Also, in August, the 70's marker lights were all replaced with modern LED teardrop marker lights for that authentic look. Light bases sealed with butyl tape. In addition, I removed the old broken door window and replaced it with a temporary fix - a piece of plexiglass. I also replaced the door lock tumbler because I had no key and now I do!

Also, in August I replaced the broken door window glass with a temporary piece of plexiglass.

September 9, 2017

The tongue had been extended by 14" at sometime in its history and it looked ugly, not to mention the mod was questionable. Even though, the tongue had served me well towing back from Oregon, I was always a little unsure as to it's quality of build.

So, I decided to have the tongue shortened to it's original length and run an extension tow bar to make up the difference. A new coupler and jack were added to the mix to replace the tongue. A single propane tank mount was fabricated as well as moving the junction box underneath the trailer and placing the brake away switch battery into the dinette base within the trailer. An additional truss strap was welded to the back of the coupler and then bolted to the first two outriggers for additional support. The brake away switch is now hidden under the truss strap. A sway controller was added for additional safety. All work completed by John Palmer.

Here is what the finished product looked like.

Here are a few more images.

The tongue length is now close to the factory original length. Even though the original length is too short for today's vehicles. Towing with a longer drawbar compensates for this.

The tongue length is now as close to the original length as possible.  Even though the original length is too short for today's vehicles, towing with a longer drawbar compensates for this.

After everything was repaired, the trailer was only a few inches closer to the end of my truck, than before. I can safely back up without denting the front panel.

Finally, here is a picture showing the new tongue with the old tongue that was cut off.

By May 2022, I had removed and rebuilt the entry door as it was falling apart, the cushions had been reupholstered, and I had painstakingly researched how to remove and replace the condenser motor on a 50's Marvel mini fridge. The install of the fridge required 3 people and turning the fridge on it's side to fit through the non square doorway. This video highlights these repairs. I still need to trim out the opening for the fridge.

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